Stephen E. Pease — Colorado Lic. PI2-579

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  • I can do investigation tasks across the U.S.
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  • I'm a retired career Intelligence Officer.
    • I can keep your deepest secrets.

My office


Locates Locates

  • Witnesses, other claimants, develop new possibilities
  • Heirs, fugitives from responsibility, incarcerated, skips

Asset Discovery Asset Discovery

  • Liens and judgments

Internet Fraud & Romance Scams/Catfishing Internet Fraud & Romance Scams/Catfishing

  • Verify photographs and backgrounds
  • Email & IP traces

Backgrounds Backgrounds

  • Witnesses, defendants, Candidates, high $$ employees
  • County, State, Multi-State, Federal criminal/civil records
  • Telephone trace, birth/marriage/divorce/death records
  • Social Media profiles with analysis, identity theft
  • Sex Offender Registry, driving records
  • Land ownership, legal description, tax records
  • Verify employment, education, professional licenses
  • Probate support, possible hidden assets

You have questions... I find answers!
Intelligence Community analyst for 35 years.

Infidelity • Internet Dating • Missing Persons • Deep Candidate Backgrounds
• Online Fraud • Romance Scams • Catfishing • Nanny Backgrounds
• Hidden Assets • Foreign Travel Safety & Planning

Questions - Business Clients

  • Where is the man that owes you all that money? Who runs the Company that owes you money? Who is the real owner?
  • Who owns the property you want to buy? What other property do they own? Are their taxes up to date?
  • Are these high-value employee candidates telling the truth on their applications? About experience and education?
  • What is in the deep background of possible investors

Questions - Civilian Clients

  • Who is that man dating your daughter? Is he a sexual predator? Is he already married? Is he truthful?
  • Where is your old boyfriend/girlfriend from high school? Are they available? Do they want to meet you again?
  • What is your husband actually doing after work when he says he's bowling? And who is he with?
  • Are you contemplating divorce? Has the divorce already happened? Is he/she hiding money or other assets?
  • Who is the man/woman you met last night on the dating website? Are you safe? Is this a scam?
  • Where is the witness to your accident? Did they tell the police everything? Will they testify for you?
  • What dangers await you on your trip? Where is the American Embassy? Who can you call for help?